Systems That Organize The Process

There are prescribed medications from various doctors, orders renewed by pharmacists, changes of dosage or strength by the doctors, plus over-the-counter remedies. It can all be so confusing...and possibly overwhelming. We untangle this web with a set system of checks and balances that organize the medicines and relay changes in health conditions to the doctors.

Below are 10 actions we take to supervise and manage the medications of our residents.

Our Thorough 10 Point Medication Management Program

  1. Our staff ensures that the doctorsí orders are followed.
  2. We make sure that even over-the-
  3. For our residentís safety, we check medication containers for content, correct labeling and expiration dates.
  4. counter medications have a doctorís order to avoid the chance of adverse interactions.
  5. Independent audits are conducted twice per month by Modern Health Pharmacy to make sure medications are being administered correctly and regulations are being followed. In addition, they perform in-service trainings on a regular basis to keep the staff informed on changes and advancements in pharmaceuticals.
  6. Our staff works as a team to spot changes in health condition and inform the doctor(s) and the family.
  7. When a resident is having a tough day and resists taking his/her medication, our staff understands. But they donít give up. Instead, with compassion, they use their professional experience and persistence to get the

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