The 'Whole' Person Matters

Most families who come to us are searching for help with the physical care of their loved one - a senior who is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. They are happy when they realize we can step in (right away) and assist with all the physical demands that a confused mind has created for their loved one...and themselves. What a huge relief!

Then, for many, comes a bit of a surprise. We may catch people off guard when we start addressing other issues that are very important for adding more quality into their loved one's life:

  • Personal Preferences (resident & family)
  • Social Stimulation
  • Physical Activity
  • Dietary Needs & Likes/Dislikes
  • Spiritual Beliefs & Support
  • Health care needs

Our Residents Deserve Our Best

Our goal is to develop a care plan that is specific to each individual and encompasses the "whole" person. (Wellness Care Senior Living at Ojai is not a people warehouse.)

We believe that each resident, no matter what their mental capacity, still deserves to be cared for as a unique human being...with services that meet their many needs, an understanding that they are living life as best they can and a deep respect for the special person that is underneath their disease.

Activities Program