Dementia Care Takes Understanding

The reality of someone with dementia can be confusing, frustrating, and even frightening. A person may not remember the name of their daughter...or their own name. Yet, they may clearly remember they are supposed to be at their sonís home today (in Ohio) and start walking there. Or they may become paranoid that you are stealing their socks or hoard items from around the house.

We offer specific services for our residents who are living with Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other forms of memory impairment. These services require special licensing and special training, along with a tremendous amount of patience and understanding.

Our fabulous caregivers strive to help each of our residents to:

  • Live comfortably and safely within "their" world.
  • Improve, then sustain, their quality of life.
  • Stimulate their minds and bodies to meet (and even challenge) their level of ability.
  • Maintain their dignity.

On A Personal Level

There is no standard or norm for dementia. Every person is affected by the disease in their own unique way. So we approach each resident as a unique person, with a unique problem that requires a unique solution.

Here are some of the personal services we include:

  • Recognize the capabilities and identify the needs of each individual.
  • Adjust our level of personal supervision to match the level of cognitive ability.
  • Design a 'Personal Care' Plan and establish an individual routine that keeps the resident within their comfort zone.
  • Allow the resident to express themselves and live in 'their' world. (Safety permitting.).
  • Monitor each resident for proper nutrition and adequate hydration..
  • It is common for a resident with dementia to lock on to an action that is not in their best interest. Instead of being confrontational, our staff 'redirects' their focus to another course of action.