Residents Live On Their Terms

The term hospice comes from the Latin "hospitium", which means guesthouse or shelter for the weary traveler. However, its current usage does not describe a place.

It is a concept of care that addresses medical, spiritual and psychological issues. It does not focus on a cure, but places a high value on a personís comfort and dignity.

Wellness Care Senior Living at Ojai offers hospice care to our residents who have been told by their doctor they have less than six months to live. In other words, we offer compassionate end of life care that is guided by the residentís wishes.

It Takes A Team Approach

Providing hospice care takes an interdisciplinary team approach. The family designates a primary decision maker/contact. They are guided and aided by a support team that can incorporate a wide variety of specialists.

Team members can include:

  • Personal physician.
  • Volunteers (trained in hospice care).
  • Hospice nurses.
  • Hospice physician.
  • Home health aides.
  • Member of the clergy.
  • Psychological counselor.
  • Social workers.
  • Therapists - physical, massage, occupational, speech.

Dementia Care