We Welcome Visitors

Come by and meet our residents. Many will take the opportunity to chat with you. (However, donít be alarmed if some do not. Due to their illness, they may struggle to communicate effectively, especially with a new face.)

Experience the care and dedication of our staff. Visitors are quite surprised (and delighted) to see the bright nature of our facility and our staff.

Wellness Care Senior Living at Ojai is located on Rockaway Rd. in Oakview. You can find our relaxing campus nestled among the trees on this quiet street that is to the west of CA State Highway 33 (N. Ventura Avenue).

Just Follow These Easy Directions

For those traveling to Wellness Care Senior Living at Ojai, we offer very easy access from the freeway.

From 101 Freeway:

  • Exit at Hwy. 33 and go north toward Ojai. Travel about 9 miles to Santa Ana Blvd. in the town of Oak View. Make a left on Santa Ana Blvd.
  • From Santa Ana Blvd: Travel west on Santa Ana Blvd. for 1/2 mile. Make a right turn on Riverside Rd. Travel a short distance and make a left turn on Sycamore Rd. Go to the end and make a right turn on Burnham Rd. Then make a quick right on Rockaway Rd.
  • From Hwy. 33 South: Make a right turn on Hwy. 150 (Baldwin Rd.). Travel west about 1 mile and make a left on Burnham Rd. Travel about 1 mile and make a left on Rockaway Rd. Note: (If you miss the turn for Rockaway Rd., donít panic. It is a u-shaped street, so the next street will also be Rockaway Rd.)
  • Our campus is on the left side of the street, adjacent to the big bend in Rockaway Rd. It has locked gates to protect our residents who tend to wander off. So please step up to the entryway and ring the bell. Our staff will happily invite you in.

Please drive safely!!!